Measuring the G.I.R.L. Was Never As Easy As We Thought – Jeanette Hammerstein



Oil and oil relief on panel

Artist Statement

I’m an oil painter and emergency medicine physician. What surrounds me triggers my paint choices. This is often my hospital halls; people I work with; or patients I care for. Much back and forth between reality and imagination occurs. And often there are layers of paint and choices that I don’t plan for until working into it. Much like doctoring, there are unexpected turns and outcomes.

Over the last several years (in particular) art has been a refuge and a means to pick up and sort out the pieces. I have found digging into the intellectual and emotional content of a painting has resulted in a greater ability to do the same at the bedside. Art also provides a voice for me that I myself don’t always hear until I begin painting. I recently began experimenting with adding bits of physical world prompts into the paintings: shreds of journals, medical records, academic notes with the hopes of adding additional layers of interpretation and intent.

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Dimensions11 × 2 × 14 in

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