Murmurings – Patricia Sonnino



Felted wood and unfinished steel

Artist Statement:

All is moving, thoughts glint then transform. Connections rhizomatic, nonlinear – one then another – marking a moment – bubbling, brimming – on the verge.

Shapes emerge on the threshold before words, where movement is open-ended. Seeing thoughts glimmer, aggregating, assembling, I paint them. Finding a place for my hand, I begin.

Painting these constellations of shapes during quarantine, in a state of removal from ordinary contexts, folded inward, I sought a language for my thoughts as words would not hold, finding expression for the ineffable feelings crowding me. (What does it mean to live on the pacific rim where all is changing and in flux, on edge?)

The shapes speak. Some because they tie back to the body–speaking over time of things, places, emotions. Fusing memory in the moment, morphing and colliding. They are portmanteaus, and what they carry transports us.

Lines build a structure that may or may not hold, mapping movement, building connections among shapes. 

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Dimensions15 × 30 × 28 in

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