My Identity in Wood – Steve Hilton


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Turned and Carved Basswood

35 Inches x 35 Inches x 5 Inches

As a geologist and science teacher by training, and a clay artist, I have developed an appreciation for the anomalies in the many forms of life, clay, rock, and soil covering the Earth’s landscape. I am intrigued by the way plants, animals and weather influence the Earth’s surface, by both erosional and depositional means. This fascination has become an integral part of my art.

As an artist and professor, I’m also compelled to educate students in a politically impartial way, which does not compromise my ability to teach. At the same time, I am constantly reminded of the need to do something about the unrelenting polarization of humankind. I am currently using graph theory and the above iterations to attempt
to facilitate a conversation that might heal our fragmented society.

Because of social and environmental concerns, I am also committed to not firing my ephemeral work.

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