No Mas – Ray Gonzales


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Statement from Ray Gonzales:

These pre-Columbian inspired vessels represent our ancestors. They represent our past and all that have made it possible for us to be here today. Are we doing well enough so that future generations can continue our journey through time here on earth?

Are we aware that not all our brothers and sisters have all the same privileges that we have? Are we okay with that? Do we realize it’s systemic and generational? Do we recognize that we can change the system? We are the system.

That’s what these sculptures represent — Our ancestors giving a hard look at how we are doing. Assessing us.

I recently read a quote about the seemingly escalating chaos, hatred, racism, bigotry, inequality and injustice we’re experiencing today. 

To paraphrase: “It’s not increasing. It’s just that now it’s being filmed.”

I’m hoping we realize we are all brothers and sisters. It is our charge to work towards a just and equitable world, so that future generations can continue on.


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