Object 2 – Simone Schiffmacher



Beaded Sheet with Microsoft Teams Logo and Icons over Object


Artist Statement

Brand identity confounds the consumer’s ability to compare products because it obscures functionality. With the abstraction of the object’s form, these sheets distort the functionality of the objects. The sheets are meticulously constructed by stringing beads into a net form of loops; this action highlights corporations’ obsession with constructing brand identity neutralizing the products functionality.

The prominent placement of logo on the abstract beaded sheet, makes the logo’s the key element to understanding the object. While the logo alters the read of the object, one attempts to understand the hidden form beneath. Because of the intangibility of the object, one becomes frustrated with the inability to recognize the object. By focusing on the sheets rather than the objects, my work displays the hierarchy of brand identity in our contemporary time.

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Dimensions6 × 6.5 × 2.5 in

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