Pamela Parker and her Gibson SG – Ashleigh Castro


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Ashleigh started her artistic endeavors through being inspired by musicians. Her father worked at Tower Records for 18 years. Her family relocated to Sacramento from New York to continue that work. When growing up they would go digging for new music at Watt Ave and Broadway Tower stores. Through the musical exploration Ashleigh developed an appreciation for album cover art work. She first picked up a camera at the age of 14 and practiced her composition and exposure techniques on performing musicians. Photography also lead her to anti-war rallies and peace marches. Ashleigh moved to San Francisco for college and discovered a plethora of musicians. She has made her own dreams come true through freelancing concert reviews of star performers she always dreamed of capturing. Ashleigh’s most intimate work with musicians include collaborative behind the scenes and photo shoot work in addition to spontaneous live moments. Her work is currently published through SF Sonic and DOPE Magazine.

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