Patina Alley – Kathy Dana



Acrylic on canvas


Artist Statement:

“I am a Northern California contemporary painter who deeply respects and absolutely loves the positive energy that exists in the world around us. I feel called to bring it forward in ways that collectors and viewers can see and feel deeply. As such, I am constantly motivated to exhibit in local galleries, participate in art auctions for exceptional causes, and to be inspired by other artists. I am grateful for the solo exhibitions, growing number of private collections that include my work, and how my work has been generally embraced over the last ten years.
At this time my work is representational, conveying positive energy in many forms: the stunning interplay of negative space between objects, the vibrancy of certain colors when brought forward and placed side by side, the movement that results from a successful composition, the majesty of the subject matter itself. I continue to be inspired by fellow artists and those who have gone before us.”

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Dimensions48 × 2 × 36 in

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