Patti Smith – Dawn Blanchfield


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I am an artist fueled by music – an old punk rocker from Detroit hanging out in the suburbs of Sacramento. Music is playing (often quite loudly) in the background while I create and the tone of the painting is often influenced by what I am listening to. I started this year doing a lot of drawing and experimenting with different techniques. The portraits of Patti Smith and Henry Rollins each use a different style of line to best express the subject. Then I pulled out my watercolors and did this painting of Ziggy Stardust. I have long loved David Bowie and his always shifting personas. I move from medium to medium in much the same way. I think people tend to think of watercolor as soft, delicate, “pretty flowers” but I think watercolors are hard core. You paint and you only get that one shot. There is no going back and re-working an area. For me, I like the raw, embrace the imperfections, energy of watercolors. It doesn’t get more Rock-n-roll than that!

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Dimensions11 × 14 in

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