Pink Moon Volcano – Chandra Wu


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Silk and cotton: embroidered and kantha stitched 31 Inches x 17 Inches x 0.25 Inches

I live in the shadow of a beautiful volcano called Tahoma. I improvised this silk scrap applique onto a cotton poplin, embellished with embroidery then backed with cotton weave. Once I began kantha-like stitching through the front and back layers, I couldn’t stop until I’d filled it all in like an improvised coloring book. The 2 inch hemmed linen loops are inserted between the front and back and kantha-stitched in place so this can be hung on a 1 inch rod or dowel. This was begun during a Makerie workshop with Heidi Parkes, Adriana Torres, and Ekta Kaul during the pink moon spring of 2021.

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