Pull Tab – Amy Stephens


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Silver and found object 3 Inches x 1.5 Inches x 2 Inches

My work searches for a balance between the amazing world we have created and the magnificent Earth that supplies our life. Through the intertwining of color, traditional mediums, and salvaged objects I create a subtle individuality in the each item; facilitating new relationships and providing new perspectives. It is a hopeful call to
action, to rethink, redirect, and redesign what makes for a beautiful and successful way of life.

In an effort to minimize my own impact on the environment during my creative process, my work pairs found objects with traditional and nontraditional mediums. This combination explores the present values of manufacturers driven by capitalism. My work forms a physical narrative chronicling the impact of making. An accumulation of these repurposed items parallel the buildup of discarded materials in life, allowing for a thoughtful awareness when interacting with the surrounding environment.

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