Ruth 1:16 – Davy Fiveash



Fabric collage on stretched canvas


Artist Statement:

This is work from my latest series, entitled, Sunday School. It is inspired by my early influences as a queer artist growing up as a preacher’s son in a fundamentalist, evangelical church in southern Georgia. It is a culmination of craft, fine art, allegory and cultural/sociological influences that formed my concepts of what making art means and what that looks like. Sources of inspiration are bible stories, allegories, gospel, craft, fabrics, banners, prints of baroque and renaissance art from bible story books. I knew I was an artist at an early age and these sources were my entire universe of visual art. As a queer child, the surety of this evangelical perspective began to show cracks as I began to learn that art, just like my early church and family life, was much more complex than I was initially told. This work contends with the questions I dealt with as I began to build my own narrative and my own sense of identity.

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Dimensions60 × 2 × 58 in

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