Recent Memories of Future Dreams – Ray Beldner



Archival pigment prints on laser cut 3⁄4” plywood


Artist Statement:

“My work is made by appropriating images of iconic artworks from different historical periods that I find in books, auction catalogs, and magazines. Specific parts that draw me to their shapes, colors and textures. I cut, arrange and rearrange, playing with their complementary and contrasting attributes and create surprising, lyrical and visually confounding new compositions. I am often amazed at what results from the simple juxtaposition of unrelated forms. It is as if I have released some kind of latent energy in the original work.

Collage is subversive because it re-examines those relationships, recasting well-known artworks in a different light, interrogating out understanding of them and their current relevance. Hand cutting paper images of historic works and gluing on and next to each other not only allowed me the opportunity to investigate the formal qualities of the material, but to explore how we actually see and experience art.”

Additional information

Dimensions50 × 2.5 × 57 in

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