Ridges 21 – Anca Browne


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Felt 21 Inches x 35 Inches x 1.5 Inches

Coming from a mathematics and programming background, I find works based on patterns, rules, or rhythms beautiful. I like to make pieces that have an overall organization but also have some chaos. The underlying structure gives the work a solid attractive basis while the disruptive elements bring the piece to life. I also often try to create pieces that look different as you change perspective.

My process starts with a sketch which is either designed directly in a drawing program or is the output of an algorithm that I coded specifically for the piece. My works are usually constructed out of many smaller pieces that I laser cut and then “pin” on a supporting back piece. Because of this many-layered construction, my works have a 3D quality. I like using felt because of its warm tactile presence but also because the thicker, denser and stiffer felt that I am using is well suited to “building” my pieces.

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