Rock Apart, Leaves Fall – Steffani Bailey



Oils on wood, assemblage


Artist Statement
Simply said, these pieces are translations of moments observed. Sometimes they become more architectural and about the materials on hand, but more often than not, I’m seeking a sense of timelessness and stillness, wanting the elements found in landscape – space, changes of light and color, texture, to be sensed. Equally integrated into my thoughts is the physical process and rhythms of arrangement. I use oils on wood panels, I work on the wall, constantly moving things, sometimes cutting the panels, saving random parts, analyzing, paring down and re-arranging compositions.
Perhaps these are like reveries and quiet conversations that explore shifts of space, color, movement or stasis, and in turn, juxtapose structural reality to the illusory.
When I find that something unexpected emerges, I know I’m finished.

Additional information

Dimensions27 × 4.5 × 24 in

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