Sea Forest 5 – Ann Holsberry



Cyanotype and embroidery on silk


Artist Statement:

“My work celebrates the inherent beauty of the natural order of things—from the microscopic to the cosmic. In my work, I explore interconnections in nature using the experimental cameraless photographic process of cyanotype, enhanced by the addition of embroidery and pigments.

Through collaboration with the elements – particularly sunlight and water – I create site-specific works outdoors, using found and gathered materials such as sea kelp and sediment. Through this collaborative process with nature, the work explores the fragility and resilience of near shore ecosystems and the power and mystery of the ocean.

Engaging with materials that are responsive to the elements deepens my connection to each place, as I seek to represent the vast and the infinitesimal as a unified whole in my work.”

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Dimensions45 × 0.1 × 114 in

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