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yarn, embroidery thread, modeling clay, & pearls on linen 8 Inches x 8 Inches x 1 Inches

The diversity in even a small patch of reef is astounding. The more one looks, the more fine, intricate details one sees. In my work, I aim to draw viewers in so they stop and linger, searching for those hidden details. I hope to inspire awe for these splendid ecosystems that are so rapidly disappearing.
My pieces evolve organically, slowly growing stitch by stitch. Incorporating yarn, thread, metal, beads, and found
objects, I weave the soft and hard together into a single reef. While recognizable as coral, my reefs are born more of my imagination. Inspired by my memories, and dreams.
Although vast, our world is fragile too. The difference in a healthy and dead reef is striking, the effects global. Impacting our world is unavoidable, however, we must work to preserve and protect it. Evidence of climate change is all around us, we cannot ignore the signs. We must change or we risk losing forever so much of the wonder it holds.

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