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I’ve been fascinated with the idea that we, as individuals see and experience the world in a unique way from one another, especially with how we experience art. So when it comes to creating art I try to show multiple perspectives of a specific subject. Whether it be opinions, interpretations or aspects of a certain subject. My pieces are multilayered, each layer telling a different part of a story. By removing and adding slides one can experience different concepts within a single piece.
I like to use media as a focal point on some of my work. In this day and age with social media, reality TV, 24 hour news and personal media outlets like Youtube, it is nearly impossible to avoid a camera or someone who’s life is in front of one. As time goes on it seems as if it is being more and more difficult to separate real life from digital life. When looking at it at different angles and perspectives it’s hard to figure it out where it starts and where it ends.

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Dimensions46 × 5 × 36 in

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