Supermarket Glasses, II – Nathan Carroll


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Laser-cut acrylic, sterling silver

5 Inches x 2.5 Inches x 5 Inches

I am a contemporary jewelry and metalsmith artist working in mixed media and new technologies. My current research focuses on my identity of being a gay man living in the southern United States in the crosshairs of capitalism. This project looks to further develop this intersection between queer theory and capitalism; which is currently referred to as Homocapitalism. It is here, a gay man living in a world of the highly commodified society of American Culture that has led me to ask many questions regarding my own identity and socioeconomic standing, while also questioning the ideals of the traditional American nuclear family. Within my work I look to explore these questions and guide the viewer to understand what Homocapitalism means from this unique viewpoint of a gay man.

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