Tahoe Blue – Peter Standish-Lee


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My art is most often an expression of my connection with nature which has been a major focus in my life. So I am naturally drawn to landscapes for my subjects. I tend to choose bold, complex landforms in various light conditions. They are of greatest interest to me when draped with or enfolded by water in its various states; frozen, fluid and atmospheric. My other fascination is with life and its manifestations. It has lead me to include not only flora and fauna in my work, but also people, buildings, bridges, towns, villages and gardens. I am by nature a designer and so try to be mindful of design principles when I work, particularly those that complement my themes or provide architectural interest. I hope that my art helps in some small way to instill in viewers respect for the natural world and our shared histories inscribed upon it.

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Dimensions16 × 20 in

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