The Climes Are A Changin 09 – Mel Smothers


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Found objects and wooden box

12 Inches x 48 Inches x 12 Inches

“The Climes are a Changin #03,” puts together awareness of climate change and visual art in a meaningful way. The Caldor Fire and being in the evacuation of the whole town of South Lake Tahoe, California was a significant human event. An image of me playing my fiddle to a stalled line of anxious evacuees became a worldwide trending picture that brought news agencies to my inbox and front door.
Because of this event, my work concept has become an oracle for climate change awareness. I’m doing this by using the debris from climate change events. In this piece, charred material from Caldor Fire, collected a few miles from my studio. Unusual material selections and historical art references, makes for sadness, creepy, rebirth, universal spiritual icons and philosophical thoughts to The Climes are a Changin.

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