The Great Society: A Work In Progress – Eugene Rodriguez


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Statement from Eugene Rodriguez:

The Great Society, President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s unfinished work from the 1960s. Its two main goals were to eliminate poverty and racial injustice. Education, health care and urban problems were also radically re-thought during this time. Many critics believe the Vietnam War cut short his best intentions. My painting compresses time with historical actors to tell the story of this nation’s need to keep chipping away at making a society great.

There are artists, Jackson Pollock (a self-portrait) helping to pick the crops in the field, Louis Armstrong taking a break on a strawberry crate, a staged portrait of my parents (both in chinos) re- getting out the vote, as well as Roy Cohn and David Schine from the HUAC hearings. Fidel Castro, Bishop Fulton Sheen, and Obdulio the soccer player are here too. I’ll let you figure out who worked towards (or against) a great society. 

  • Rodriguez received 1st place at the award ceremony 

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