The Mimic – Madeline Davis


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Sterling Silver & Cerrillos Turquoise

8 Inches x .5 Inches x .5 Inches

Madeline J. Davis is an artist and metalsmith who is interested in the reasons humans adorn the body, the shared burden of human experience, and good design for the integrity of aesthetics. Davis has found that by adorning ourselves we find a daily ritual that elevates both the mind and persona. Her pieces inherit their own autonomy, and are themselves given life through the wearer. Davis focuses mainly on jewelry but she also creates objects that reflect on the shared human experience of suffering. Bread and wheat as both object and iconography are prevalent in her work that explores the idea of suffering and gathering together; to bond through the shared suffering of life. Through her work Davis is building a community in which people can actively engage
with the pieces and rituals to better understand themselves.

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