Tom Lauerman – Folding Screen


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Glazed Earthenware, Underglaze

6.5″ x 3″ x 5″

The widely used historical forming techniques of ceramics: pinching, coiling, throwing, casting all go back  millennia. To this august list can we now add 3D printing? Might it be more accurate to call this process  “computer aided coil building?” Is this something entirely different from familiar methods, or just a  modification of familiar coiling? 

We are presently in a very early phase of the development of 3D printing techniques in ceramics. And  yet, novelty is not what is driving Keep & Lauerman, and this is evidenced by their long engagement with  the process, which seeks to connect with the histories of coil-built pottery and architectural blocks,  bricks, and tiles. Jonathan Keep’s work primarily grows from an examination of natural growth systems,  while Tom Lauerman’s forms are rooted in an exploration of the cultural artifacts of constructed space,  archeology, and the basic building blocks of architecture. Keep’s works are typically made of stoneware  fired to higher temperatures in keeping with the artist’s studio pottery background while Lauerman’s  work embraces earthenware materials and glazes, keen to make a connection in texture, color, and  form with the use of ceramics in the built environment. 

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