Tota – Ivonne Portillo


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Woodcut and collage on burlap 61.5 Centimeter x 71 Centimeter x 3 Centimeter

The Colombian plastic artist Ivonne Portillo reimagines the myths and landscapes of Latin America while emphasizing the vindication of the historical memory of indigenous peoples. She transforms the shapes of the earth and its textures into carved topographies that she then prints on fabric, using oil engraving paint and
collage with metallized paper. The woodcut prints a trace representative of a diverse landscape, like the Latinamerican lands which shelter 60% of the planet’s biodiversity.

In these works the materials speak of the interdependent relationship between nature and society: burlap, a plant fiber material used by farmers, represents the basic and essential, while the metallic colors represent the mineral richness of the earth. Xylography integrates these two materials through impact, creating a unique imprint in each work and leaving a trace on the essence of the earth, just like people do when they inhabit a landscape.

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