Triaxial Hexagon Ribbon Basket – Peggy Thrasher


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Ribbon Basket

5.5 Inches x 3 Inches x 5.5 Inches

My baskets are a celebration of the beauty of mathematics in the physical world. Patterns promote peace and a grounded-ness because they are predictable. Yet complex patterns are also surprising, causing the viewer to question their assumptions and begin to see things in new ways. The triaxial weave used in my baskets utilizes three directions of weaving rather than the typical two directions. This produces unexpected patterns, including optical illusions, which are enhanced by the use of color and contrast.
I craft my baskets out of ribbons or copper strips. The vibrancy and variety of color in ribbons create fun and surprising baskets. I treat copper strips in three ways – texture, chemical reaction, and flame painting. When combined, these different treatments produce a basket that is sophisticated and intriguing.

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