Wave Form Object (#1280) – Mark Goudy



Slipcast unglazed cone 5 translucent porcelain, edition 1/5.


Artist Statement:

“My mission as an artist is first to create a coherent visual language, and then learn to speak in that language. My core inspiration is a love of minimalist archetypal forms that reflect the geometries of nature.

My current body of work is the result of a project started during the pandemic lockdown. It is a synthesis of disparate life experiences: A decade of making ceramic vessels, combined with echoes of my previous career as a 3D graphics hardware design engineer. My process begins by designing forms in 3D software, allowing me to explore algorithmic concepts and shapes that would not be possible to construct directly by hand.

My “”Wave Forms”” are simple shapes that use sine waves to create ridges and valleys. The interplay of different oscillation frequencies across the surface creates elemental patterns with a hidden complexity. This work is all about capturing the light and projecting gentle shadows across the surface, analogous to sand dunes in low angle afternoon sunlight”

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 10 × 8.5 in

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