About the Artist

"I'm a conceptual, narrative artist embracing oil painting and graphite as my favorite forms of artistic expression. I’m inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us, and the stories of antiquity and mythology that contain within them deeper meanings as it relates to our humanity, culture, psyche, and emotion."

"As an artist, I use portraiture as a means to transcend the individual, a challenge to reach broader psychological characteristics of humanity. I strive to capture a story, an emotion, a message, or a sense of aesthetic harmony. I'm inspired by our past, our culture, and our need of expressing and feeling, and to understanding life and the human spirit."

"The directness and simplicity of expression is intentional to let the viewers find their own interest in the perceptual space."

"I’m inspired by the naturalism that surrounds us, and our rich history, mythology, and relentless hope of humanity. That inspiration is a gift that passes from one individual to another, one that can be internalized and radiate towards others through art, music, and story."

Trung Cao Headhot

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