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F I E L D  T R I P S   F O R    S C H O O L S ,    S C O U T    T R O O P S ,    &    H O M E    S C H O O L   G R O U P S



Students will be given an introduction to our organization as well as the current shows on display, before being guided through each of our five galleries by one of our Teaching Artists.


Our tour guides will use Visual Thinking Strategies to start a conversation with students about the art on display.

The Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) method was created by Abigail Housen, a cognitive psychologist in the Harvard Graduate School of Education. VTS is targeted at developing creativity and thinking skills. It also presents a very effective method for tapping into students' background knowledge and to encourage exploration.


During a hands-on art making session, students will use their own creativity by exploring new art techniques.   

All activities are curated by our professional teaching artists and are inspired by work discovered during the tour & talk.


California is falling behind. For the past thirty years arts education in California’s schools has been disappearing at an alarming rate.  Only 11% of the public schools are meeting state goals for arts instruction.  


Extensive research has demonstrated that arts education engages students in learning, contributes to higher test scores, and reduces truancy
and dropout rates.



A Harris Poll shows that a resounding 93% of Americans consider the arts to be vital
to providing a well-rounded education for children and a critical link to learning and


Arts education helps prepare our students for the expectations of the twenty- first
century workforce, which includes the ability to innovate, communicate and collaborate.
One in six jobs in Southern California is now in the creative industries, including
entertainment and communication arts, digital design, product and industrial design.


As schools have felt increasing pressure from standardized tests and federal mandates to
spend more time on reading and math, school curricula is narrowing in focus, leading to a
22% reduction in the amount of time spent on arts and music instruction.

"Why Field Trips And Arts Education Aren't Just Frills" by Natalie Wexler for Forbes Magazine


Bring your class to Blue Line Arts for a multifaceted and engaging arts experience!

Tour, Talk, and Create includes a tour of our high caliber exhibitions using Visual Thinking Strategies to promote discussion. After the tour, students will participate in a hands-on art making activity curated by a professional artist.

Tour size is limited to 25 students. Fee is $10 per student with a $150 minimum. A $50 deposit is needed to confirm tour. Cancellation requests must be made two weeks in advance of your visit.

Please allow 90 minutes for the Tour, Talk & Create program. 

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Free Tours for Title 1 Schools:

Through grant funding from the California Arts Council, Blue Line Arts is extending the Tour, Talk, and Create program to Title 1 Schools and P.C.O.E. Schools in Placer County for free (including reimbursement for bus travel to and from Blue Line Arts). 

We are offering tour dates from November 2019 through March 2020. 

Cancellation requests must be made two weeks in advance of your visit.

Please allow 90 minutes for the Tour, Talk & Create program. 

Teachers and Administrator please fill out form below to reserve a tour date:

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