June & Robert Wanish Fund for the Arts

Supporting the next generation of artists in the Roseville and South Placer region

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The June & Robert Wanish Fund for the Arts was established in 2003 with a vision to encourage and support the enjoyment, appreciation and growth of the arts in our communities.

June Wanish is a native of Roseville and has endeavored to make a difference in the arts sector and the community as a whole. As the first woman mayor of Roseville, June was responsible for implementing programs that brought cultural arts to the once small, railroad town.

In the early 1960s she lead a small group of like-minded individuals who in 1966 formed the non-profit corporation—“Roseville Community Projects, Inc” with its purpose to bring arts to the community.

From humble beginnings, under June’s leadership, the organization moved from presenting small exhibitions in a variety of rented locations to purchasing and saving the Victorian “Haman House” as an Arts Center and ultimately transformed a vacant lot into The state-of-the-art, contemporary gallery downtown Roseville – Blue Line Arts.

Fund Goals:
The June Wanish Fund is interested in funding Blue Line Arts Childrens' Programs. The Wanish fund supports scholarship  covers 50-100% of registration fees for any Blue Line Arts children’s program. The Fund will cover workshops, camps, and after-school programs. One time use only.

Please note: Funding for scholarships is contingent upon available scholarship funds.  

Funding Policy:  Parents can reapply for scholarships up to 4 times per year.  If applying for more than one scholarship per year, there will be an incremental 25% decrease per session.  For example, 100% for the first session, 75% for the second session, 50% for the third session and 25% for the fourth session.  When the calendar year ends, parents can reapply and their student may become eligible again for the 100% scholarship.