Alphabet SoupMay 25th - July 6th / Reception June 15th


"Alphabet Soup'' plays on the letters used in the acronym LGBTQIA+ to celebrate and uplift the multitude of identities and voices within this vibrant community. This main group exhibition in the Coker Family Main Gallery features a variety of 40+ works from local and national artists, selected by two jurors, William Ishmael and Nick Maltagliati.  Each piece provides a unique perspective and voice, contributing to a richer understanding of LGBTQIA+ experiences and expressions.

This exhibition is part of Blue Line Arts' commitment to inclusivity and representation in the arts. "By hosting 'Alphabet Soup,' we aim to create a space that showcases the hard work and talents of LGBTQIA+ artists while fostering dialogue and understanding within the wider community," said MaryTess Mayall, Executive Director of Blue Line Arts.

The exhibition is set to open on Saturday May 25th and will also feature a Collage Journal Making workshop and a Mural Workshops offered  free to the public followed by a panel discussion at Sierra College to celebrate art accessibility for people of all backgrounds in the spirit of supportive community conversation.

Visitors can look forward to engaging with the art and artists, as well as participating in educational programs designed to enhance the visibility and understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues through the arts.

This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

Nick Maltagliati is a queer, interdisciplinary artist and curator. In his artwork, he inconspicuously displays his personal side by utilizing mountains and landscape to show racial identity, abstraction to map out how he copes with mental health, and color for his sexuality and energy. He is well versed in the forms of art and cultural expression created by the LGBTQIA+ community. His most recent work with queer artists involved jurying the Pride Is Not A Crime exhibition in Oakland, CA.

William Ishmael has been an artist for the last 25 years, beginning with watercolor landscapes and progressing to large abstracts utilizing paint, sand, organic materials, and the natural elements of weather to acheive the weathered, multilayered effects on many of his canvases.  His primary focus has been on commissioned work and he has an outstanding list of clients and is widely praised for the way in which his paintings enhance client's homes and offices.  

William Ishmael is an artist with a personal connection to the LGBTQIA+ community. In his role as a leading artist during the Alphabet Soup show, William incorporates his expertise to provide support and assist with the overall direction of the exhibition and its outreach programming through the Panel Discussion. His activities as curator, organizer, and member and/or officer of a wide variety of community boards and organizations for the arts in the past including Blue Line Arts and Kingsley Art Club have set him up with a wide range of knowledge in artistic mediums and historical impact.

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