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Blue Line Arts offers the following activities as a special opportunity for our community to meet with Marsha Schindler and learn about her craft first hand in 2024

Marsha Godoy Schindler2024 Local SCG Resident & Teaching Artist

A biologist at heart, I remain deeply connected to my early training and the world of flora and fauna. Science and art, though different paths, operate in similar ways. In each you observe deeply, find patterns and behaviors and then interpret your observation into a narrative. We are inseparable from the natural world and its stories.

Working primarily in ceramics I have created figurative work out of such narratives–real and imaginary. I find that working in series allows me to deepen a specific narrative making room for the inclusion of other concerns – cultural, ecological, and societal. It is my intention to get out of my own way and let the work evolve as naturally as possible. Mishaps and accidents occur; they are welcome and sometimes generative. My work in clay involves both narrative (story), and ritual. Story in that the clay, and eventually the finished piece, takes on voice. Ritual and collaboration with the material in that my task is to listen, adapting and building upon what I hear. The natural world too, is continuous story.

Connectivity is critical in art, as it is in sustainable community. The tendency to see other as object is the foundation of our folly, turning living organisms into commodities which we then harvest and exploit at our peril. The result is a life out of balance. The extreme shifts in climate are direct results of multiple imbalances and in here lies the conversation between figurative representation and a shifting natural world. My work attempts to reconcile the subject to object relationships and create artworks that stimulate questions and invite viewers to make their own connections.

To live consciously is to reverse that paradigm and see all living things as the subjects they truly are and, by doing so, to see in them a reflection of ourselves. I believe we are at this critical transition. My dedicated studio practice allows time for exploring and sharing the work that challenges our current practice of ‘management’ with our natural world. I would like to focus a body of work that begins with this idea: To live like Water. Water is central to our way of being and a critical issue for our future. Major issues to our region include drought, fire and flooding. I welcome the opportunity to contemplate and explore these issues and the chance to transform them into tactile reality through clay which in itself embodies water, fire and transformation.

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SCG Open Studio Hours with Marsha Godoy Schindler

By Adriana Griffin | January 4, 2024

“A biologist at heart, I remain deeply connected to my early training and the world of flora and fauna. Science and art, though different paths, operate in similar ways. In…

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Stipends for free workshop registrations are available for Local Artists (residing in Placer and surrounding counties: Yolo, Sacramento, El Dorado, Nevada County ) and are generously provided by the Placer Community Foundation.  

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The Artist in Residence & Teaching (ART) Program

The Susan Cooley-Gilliom Artist in Residence and Teaching (SCG ART) Program is a lasting gift to the many artists, arts educators and students, and arts enthusiasts we are fortunate to have in our community. The program represents a significant part of Susan’s lasting legacy–as a beloved local artist and environmental advocate.

The ART program works to develop and enhance the visual arts through short-term residencies and workshops taught by nationally-established and highly reputable artists who create in a range of media. Past visiting artists include:

  • 2024: Marsha Godoy Schindler
  • 2023: Kevin Snipes
  • 2023: Jennifer Rugge
  • 2022: Mark Abildgaard
  • 2021: Jason Walker
  • 2019: Ana Lisa Hedstrom
  • 2018: Michelle Gregor
  • 2017: Karen Willenbrink-Johnson
  • 2016: Phoebe Toland
  • 2015: Sergei Isupov
  • 2014: Tip Toland
  • 2013: Laura Ross Paul
  • 2012: Katherine Ace
  • 2011: Richard Notkin

To learn more about Susan Cooley-Gilliom and this lasting gift to the community, visit The Placer Community Foundation.