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Blue Line Arts offers the following activities as a special opportunity for our community to meet with Marsha Schindler and learn about her craft first hand in 2024

Ruth Ellen Hoag2024 National SCG Resident & Teaching Artist

My artistic practice spans a lifetime, from the earliest memories sitting under the baby grand while my mother taught voice, to years of piano studies; to the discovery of the French horn and subsequent years at Manhattan School of Music; the professional years of orchestral playing; and finally, to picking up a paintbrush when my music career was interrupted, leading to a new phase of creative life in art. This statement chronicles the nature of my career’s pursuit.

After the conscious decision to leave my horn behind for the opportunity to live in Japan, an interesting segue occurred. I was introduced to Japanese Shodo, (calligraphic writing,) which bonded me into a relationship with the brush. Returning to the States, I pursued figurative drawing and painting intensely for two years, the end of which sealed my devotion to brush and the figure.

The selection of work included here represents a sampling of my journey through various series of work accomplished over the last 27 years.

Jitterbug, 26” x 40” watercolor, (private collection,) represents an early “Dance,” series of about 40 works, which evidences a generous use of line, the results of my study in Japan.

Opus Pocus, 60” x 40” watercolor and India ink; (Music Academy of the West permanent
collection,) is one in a series of more than 30 works called “Constructions.” Many of them are music themed. “Constructions” wove through years of a larger genre of work using India Ink with watercolor.

East of Yesterday, 280” x 123”, acrylic, (exterior murals; commissioned 2017,) represents my foray into acrylic paint. Its massive size covers two walls of a downtown Santa Barbara building and is still intact. With no direction from the commissioners other than to depict the History of the Funk Zone, the story unfolded across two panels in a design of my own making, with hundreds of drawings, gleaned from months of research, juxtaposed into place, replaced, and replaced over and over, until it came together as a whole. This intense work changed the projection of my painting and professional life.

Unaccompanied Cello, 30” x 30”, acrylic, (private collector,) and Impromptu, 26” x 35”, acrylic, (currently at Gallery 826, Los Angeles) represents work during the prolific years as
owner/curator of REH GraySpace Gallery. Milonga, 56” x 59”, acrylic, (private collector,) an Red Dot, 56” x 55”, acrylic, were produced during this time as well, where I had ample space to experiment with larger pieces and play with the abstraction of the figurative genre.

Beach Day, 30” x 42”, acrylic, Pompidou, 40” x 26”, acrylic, and Scott Joplin, Six-Hands, 25” x 30”, acrylic and graphite, (currently at Gallery 826, Los Angeles) are new works that continues my exploration into imaginative storytelling of the world as I see it.

~Ruth Ellen Hoag

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SCG National – Artist Lecture with Ruth Ellen Hoag

By Adriana Griffin | May 13, 2024

Join us for an evening of inspiration and insight with SCG artist Ruth Ellen Hoag. In this artist lecture, Ruth Ellen Hoag will share her journey, creative process, and the…

SCG Open Studio Hours with Ruth Ellen Hoag

By Adriana Griffin | May 13, 2024

“My artistic practice spans a lifetime, from the earliest memories sitting under the baby grand while my mother taught voice, to years of piano studies; to the discovery of the…

SCG National – Workshop ll with Ruth Ellen Hoag | Considering Edges

By Adriana Griffin | April 25, 2024

A two-day workshop to promote attention to edges and their importance to the success of a painting. What kinds of edges do artists use to define, refine, or combine spaces…

SCG National – Workshop l with Ruth Ellen Hoag | The Art of the 20-Minute Painting

By Adriana Griffin | April 25, 2024

“At a time when I was experiencing painter’s block, I kept myself going by painting 20 minutes at a time. Every day. Timed. Then twice a day. After 50 of…

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Stipends for free workshop registrations are available for Local Artists (residing in Placer and surrounding counties: Yolo, Sacramento, El Dorado, Nevada County ) and are generously provided by the Placer Community Foundation.  

Applications are due by 11:59pm on Friday, July 12th, 2024

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The Artist in Residence & Teaching (ART) Program

The Susan Cooley-Gilliom Artist in Residence and Teaching (SCG ART) Program is a lasting gift to the many artists, arts educators and students, and arts enthusiasts we are fortunate to have in our community. The program represents a significant part of Susan’s lasting legacy–as a beloved local artist and environmental advocate.

The ART program works to develop and enhance the visual arts through short-term residencies and workshops taught by nationally-established and highly reputable artists who create in a range of media. Past visiting artists include:

  • 2024: Ruth Ellen Hoag - Coming Soon!
  • 2024: Marsha Godoy Schindler
  • 2023: Kevin Snipes
  • 2023: Jennifer Rugge
  • 2022: Mark Abildgaard
  • 2021: Jason Walker
  • 2019: Ana Lisa Hedstrom
  • 2018: Michelle Gregor
  • 2017: Karen Willenbrink-Johnson
  • 2016: Phoebe Toland
  • 2015: Sergei Isupov
  • 2014: Tip Toland
  • 2013: Laura Ross Paul
  • 2012: Katherine Ace
  • 2011: Richard Notkin

To learn more about Susan Cooley-Gilliom and this lasting gift to the community, visit The Placer Community Foundation.