Jeffrey Spencer


Jeffrey Spencer leads product marketing at Tailscale, a software company that provides zero-configuration virtual private networks (VPNs), based in Toronto, ON. Jeff has more than a decade of experience bringing enterprise software/SaaS and other products to market as a product marketer, attorney, and business development professional. In addition to work at companies like DocuSign, Portal Cloud, and WideOrbit, Jeff led the Stanford Law School program marketing team, where he hosted events including Directors’ College, Digital Economy Best Practices, and the Venture Capital Symposium. Jeff has been heavily involved with the startup community as a YC Startup School grant recipient, mentor, and through work with groups such as the Royse AgTech Innovation Network, Pitch Globally, and Swarco Technology.
He formerly led product marketing on DocuSign's Platform & ISV team, where he was responsible for launching new products and supporting sales strategies that resulted in growing DocuSign revenue from ~$1 billion to $2+ billion annually. In late 2020, Jeff started a real estate investment business with his brother (and artist) Seth Couture, primarily investing in Roseville and Midtown Sacramento.
Mr. Spencer holds a J.D. from the University of San Diego and a B.S. from San Diego State University, where he graduated with honors. Jeff is passionate about art in the community, and comes from a large family of artists — spending much of his childhood in Penn Valley and Grass Valley, CA at the Museum of Ancient and Modern Art and the Center for the Arts respectively.