Nina Temple: Moving Water

About the Artist

Nina Temple has been involved in the arts her entire life. She grew up with a father who was a composer and a mother who was a child prodigy violinist. Early exposure to all facets of the arts—including spending many hours inside the walls of museums, galleries and attending music forums, lectures and concerts—ended up influencing Nina for the rest of her life. After playing the violin for many years herself, Nina wholeheartedly took to the visual arts and never looked back. Nina was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Carmel Valley, California. She studied at the University of Southern Mississippi and was chosen to attend a studies abroad program in Cortona, Italy for five months with the University of Georgia. She was fortunate to have had master classes with Elaine de Kooning and Hiram Williams. After attending art school, Nina spent 10 years exhibiting in various locations throughout the world with a heavy emphasis on Berlin, Germany where she resided for three years. Her passion for details, color and design led her to eventually opening Nina Temple Design, two graphic design studios located in Monterey, California, and Annapolis, Maryland. She worked on a national level covering various industries for 26 years.

In 2015, Nina decided it was time to close her commercial studio doors and go back to what she loves most—the fine arts. Since then, her works on paper and her sculpting have been exhibited both in solo and group exhibitions throughout the states as well as Art Fairs and Museums. She has been part of group collaborations in support of the arts, artist talks, workshops for young children, as well as teaching and lecturing to patrons of the arts at colleges and universities. Her sculpture Doby is on permanent display at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. She is involved with many art organizations throughout the
United States and continues to expand her exploration of ink on paper as well as sculpting.


Artist's Statement

I love working with the unpredictable. Working with ink is a combination of manipulating the movement of water, which requires visual improvisation, as well as having patience with what can take a long time to dry. I find that I am on constant night watch making sure not to overlook something that is or isn’t working. There is a wonderful chemical reaction between water and the different kinds of inks you use. Not all inks are compatible with each other and the unpredictability is why I love working with this medium. Just when you think you can predict the outcome of a particular area you realize you can't. Unlike painting, you can't cover up your mistakes. I allow the process to develop naturally without any preconception of what I will create. The influences in my life have created a strong focus on color, organic shapes and design elements in my work.


I am captivated by biomorphic shapes. My approach to form is done in a non-objective intuitive manner, often referred to as “organic abstraction.” The shapes that I work with and create are a direct reflection of my interests in life, which includes my love for art, music, nature, traveling and hiking throughout the world. As in nature, my shapes take on a figurative style. The creative process is deeply personal. It is an expression of my life’s journey, my beliefs and the depths of who I am.

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