Past Exhibitions

Trung Cao

About the Artist I’m a conceptual, narrative artist embracing oil painting and graphite as my favorite forms of artistic expression. I’m inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us, and…

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Membership Medley 2022

Browse the Online Shop Connect with the Exhibition Flamingostar by Claude Duplat 3rd Saturday Art Walk Opening Reception: Saturday, June 18th Artist Lecture: 4-5PM Reception: 5-8pm Learn More 3rd Saturday…

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“The artists of this exhibition remind us that our experiences, engagements, exchanges, and interactions in communities continue to develop the cultural tapestry of our social landscape while challenging the ways in which we can creatively explore the idea of community.” – Dr. Luis Genaro Garcia

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Crocker Kingsley 2021

Crocker Kingsley 2021 Catalog $45.00 Read morePreview Exhibition Dates: January 8th- February 20th Virtual Reception: Saturday, January 16th Watch the Crocker Kingsley Gallery Tour The prestigious and ultra-competitive Crocker Kingsley…

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