Off Center: An International Ceramics Competition


For Off Center 2024, Blue Line Arts is honored to have international ceramic artist and arts advocate, Heidi McKenzie to jury selections for the Off Center Exhibition.

She made selections from the call to artists and awarded prizes for featured artworks.


Heidi McKenzie made the following statement about

the selections she made for Off Center 2024:


“For this exhibition, Off Center, I selected works that not only demonstrated high levels of

craftsmanship and expertise, but which also offered the viewers opportunities to complete the

stories being told through the makers’ hands adding their own worldviews into the mix. All of

the works in the exhibition, offer up narrative from fragility to the subtle undulation of line

through abstraction, to animal representation, still life, body as human vessel, as well as

functional through pattern with various treatments of the figurative. Sculpture offers us the

opportunity to make meaning through story, to move us in one direction or another, away from our center.”