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Artist Statement

I create a unified whole from seemingly unrelated components, achieving balance through intricate juxtapositions of color, form, and texture. With a sense of color reflecting my Venetian background, I designed torsades for many years. I now create surrealistic assemblages with segments of those necklaces, varying from decorative to whimsical to comments on serious themes such as climate change and social injustice. While each is designed to stand alone as a work of art, the deeper meaning of conceptual works is explained in accompanying text (see my website). I also use dollhouse miniatures, realistic animal models, textured fabrics, found objects, art board, wood, and digitally manipulated photographs. Each assemblage is custom framed in a deep wooden frame that curves outward to bring the scene or “room” closer to the viewer. Each is framed using museum glass to preserve the color intensity and intimacy of the piece by creating the illusion that the viewer is present at the scene.

Additional information

Dimensions25.75 × 4 × 9.75 in

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