PETER COMBE: SUPERSTUDIO, James Phillips, 30×30, Handmade for the Holidays


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3rd Saturday Reception
December 18th, 4-8 PM
Artist Lecture: 4PM featuring Peter Combe

About the Exhibitions

Through January 8th, the gallery will feature a solo exhibition by Peter Combe in the Coker family gallery, accompanied by our annual tradition, 30x30 in the Broad Education Gallery, Handmade for the Holidays in the Feature Foyer, and a retrospective for local artist James Phillips in the Westpark Workshop Gallery.

A common thread running through these exhibitions is the inventive use of non-traditional materials. San Francisco-based artist Peter Combe uses circle-cut paint swatches or vinyl paillettes to create his stunning three-dimensional works. James Phillips, in A Decade in Low Relief, utilizes corrugated cardboard, re-sewn scrap canvas, and even a salvaged motherboard in his texturally rich pieces. In 30x30, MaryBeth Knoll's United Sacred Accessories iconizes castoff, mundane items: a pack of Marlboro's, a discarded lottery ticket, even a preserved cheese puff, in Byzantine displays of gilded appliques, bric-a-brac, and found ornaments. And finally, amongst the rich array of mediums in Handmade for the Holidays, Linda Sicard has found a niche in upcycling rare antique buttons into fine jewelry.


We are thrilled to welcome back Crocker Kingsley award winner Peter Combe to the gallery. Combe's work is featured in several notable institutional collections including: the Crocker Art Museum, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, and the corporate collections of Starbucks, Microsoft, and Home Depot, among others.

From the Artist:

"I am known mostly for my three-dimensional portraits comprised of circle-punched paint swatches, yet there is a whole gamut of media and styles which form my repertoire. The paint swatch work pulls the viewer in and is always changing depending on the viewer’s vantage point. This creates a magical optical element due to the subtle interplay between color and light. There is a viewing angle in which the work appears shrouded by a scrim making it appear rather ghostly and almost holographic or meta 3D. These works are all-consuming, leaving little time to explore other mediums.

SUPERSTUDIO has given me the opportunity to display some of these lesser known mediums/styles, those which occupy the more peripheral realms of my studio practice. I am excited that I am to show a sampling of these disparate styles."

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Peter Combe, VanGogh

30x30: 30 Works in 30 Days

One of our favorite annual traditions at the gallery, 30x30 presents a unique challenge to applying artists: create one new work in a series each day, for 30 days. These 6" masterpieces are perfect for gifting or for displaying a series in a smaller space.

Featured Artists:
Kathryn Wronski
JC Strote
Gia McNutt
Whitney Staheli
Patrick Prager
Mary Southall
Heather Hogan
Trung Cao
Claudia Tennyson
Joseph Kosdrosky
Kevin Wiseman
Joan D. Arc
Elizabeth Dolbec-Oliveras
Hope Gereghty


Kathryn Wronski's Arty Animals series

James Phillips: A Decade in Low Relief

James Phillips graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Art from Humboldt State University in far Northwestern California, followed by a year of graduate school culminating in a credential to teach art at the secondary level. He pursued graduate studies in sculpture at Humboldt State University, Long Beach State University, and Southern Oregon University. An apprenticeship with Pacific Northwest Sculptor Mel Schuler included work on public art pieces and commission installations.

Teaching art at the high school level included studio classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, and photography.

Work in sculpture continued with participation in one person and juried shows, as a career in construction and engineering supplanted teaching.

A move to more painting and low relief multi-media work, along with occasional larger public sculpture installations, is now the focus of the artist. His public installations are of monolithic concrete and steel. They can be seen at the Redding Library, Shasta College, Redding’s Shasta View Drive traffic circle, the Tehama Campus of Shasta College, Redding’s Turtle Bay Exploration Park, and Weaverville’s Highland Art Center.

james phillips

Handmade for the Holidays

Looking for a gift that might become an heirloom? This exhibition showcases fine craftsmanship from local artists working in jewelry and fine home furnishings.

Featured Artists:
Katharine Wood
Linda Sicard
James Higbee
Jerry Bracketti

sunflower bowl

Katharine Wood, Golden Sunflower Bowl