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About the Exhibition

We are thrilled to welcome back Crocker Kingsley award winner Peter Combe to the gallery. Combe's work is featured in several notable institutional collections including: the Crocker Art Museum, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, and the corporate collections of Starbucks, Microsoft, and Home Depot, among others.

From the Artist:

"I am known mostly for my three-dimensional portraits comprised of circle-punched paint swatches, yet there is a whole gamut of media and styles which form my repertoire. The paint swatch work pulls the viewer in and is always changing depending on the viewer’s vantage point. This creates a magical optical element due to the subtle interplay between color and light. There is a viewing angle in which the work appears shrouded by a scrim making it appear rather ghostly and almost holographic or meta 3D. These works are all-consuming, leaving little time to explore other mediums.

SUPERSTUDIO has given me the opportunity to display some of these lesser known mediums/styles, those which occupy the more peripheral realms of my studio practice. I am excited that I am to show a sampling of these disparate styles."

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