Finding His Way – Lindsey Kapoor



Natural dye on paper


Artist Statement:

Kapoor’s sculptures are a tangible expression of her awe and spiritual elation experienced while exploring the natural world. Her process starts with collecting flora and making natural dyes. A variety of colors are extracted from grasses, flowers, seeds, fruits and vegetables. The dye is used to stain paper, thus infusing literal natural components into each piece. The stained paper is then cut, torn, rolled or folded in a repetitive manner. This repetition becomes a form of meditation. Each piece is filled with prayerful intention as she contemplates the splendor and serenity of the natural world. Once completed, these abstract works strive to reference Kapoor’s spiritual connection to the outdoors. Her hope is to use nature as a catalyst to bring spirituality into the tangible realm of sculpture.

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Dimensions33 × 2 × 28 in

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