Brunch at Abbott Kinney – Ric Ambrose



Graphite on arches paper


Artist Statement

My panoramic drawing is a compilation of disparate images stitched together and interwoven into an introspective tableaux, reconstructing partial memories or recollected experiences.

My work is drawn from my journeys throughout the Bay Area, immersed in its exotic diversity of architecture, landscape, and the paradoxes of curious human interaction and disengagement.

The elongated format establishes a visual paradox – while one might enjoy digesting the pictorial grandeur (macro) and opulent details (micro) in my work, there is an element of detachment, alienation or even entrapment.
To me, a tonal drawing is a more suggestive or evocative form of color. Using the most basic mark making tools — a pencil and an eraser — allows me to recreate a colorful world that captures a timeless sense of my life experiences.

Additional information

Dimensions92 × 1 × 29 in

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