Lining Space – Susan Zimmerman



Fiber: linen, natural dyes, acrylic medium, pva glue


Artist Statement
As a mixed media fiber artist, I prefer working in the realm of everyday materials, experimenting with the potential and limitations of common materials to create a sense of spaciousness and light. I enjoy creating what is present as much as what is not, thinking about the space between boundaries or looking for ways to create a sense of space. I am inspired by the simplicity and experimentation of the Bauhaus period. I have been exploring natural dyes in my recent art practice, working on a series of abstract projects with naturally dyed linen that are, in one way, color studies, but in another way, fiber paintings. My work with natural dyes is similar to mixing my own paint: although I started out using single plant extracts and roots, I have progressed to using 3 to 4 hues for one piece of cloth by combining colors and overdying. Working in a series has been engaging as I discover different ways to create spatial illusions, cast shadows, or suggest the illusion of transparency.

Additional information

Dimensions15 × 2 × 55 in

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