Little Sparrow – Eloise Larson


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Solar print etching/Ink on paper

Artist Statement:

Choosing not to live or make art in the mainstream, I lived in Alaska for 22 years. I exhibited and taught art in towns and remote villages. I moved to a forested mountain in Northern California. Living quietly, my work has become an inward expression.

Creating disparate images in a range of mediums, I search for reality. Content, form, and process are in a constant state of inquiry and discovery.

I paint in oil on cradled panels. Dripping transparent and oozing opaque layers build to a rich textured surface. Due to the normal conditions of people in this world, the pieces are both easy and hard to look at. Every person who spends time with these images will be offered the chance to see the unseen ‘aspects’ that inhabits their world daily.

Painting is a sincere conversation. Memories and experiences meet the work each time my brush touches the surface. When thoughts become still, I join myself in the process. All things, then, become an honest expression.

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Dimensions10 × 8 in

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